Stock monitoring & Measurement

Monitoring your stocks is important throughout the supply chain. We can provide continuous monitoring or periodic spot inspection where we keep an eye on the movement and condition of your commodities.
Areas we monitor and measure as part of our service are:

Some products stored in bulk can self-heat and even spontaneously combust, for example, wood chips and wood pellets. To help prevent this, we continuously conduct stock monitoring methods.

We use portable temperature probes and heat guns. We also use wireless probes that measure temperatures and levels of combustible gases that products produce in small quantities when the self-heating processes start to occur.

Our Temperature Monitoring (TEMO) services are offered for many cargoes. The collected data from the probes is automatically sent to our web server and can be accessed by customers in a password-protected environment.

During storage, we monitor a range of issues, such as:
• Assess and act upon the risk of contamination;
• How different products are stored;
• Whether mutual distances and/or segregation measures are appropriate;
• Any dangerous materials that could affect your cargo.

Our surveyors are experienced and trained in performing independent stockpile measurement to determine the volume of the stockpile. We are also able to determine the density of the cargo using special equipment which is used to calculate the overall tonnage of the stockpiles.

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