Biofuel & Biomass

Albers-Hansen Denmark A/S have been actively servicing the bio-based energy business since the first introduction of biomass and biofuels as replacement of fossil fuels.
We have built long-term relationships with all parties in the supply chain, including The Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA).

We are experts in handling and analyzing the biofuels and biomass you trade to ensure we deliver sustainable added value. Our presence throughout the entire supply chain makes us the right business partner to manage your product quality, safety and certification needs.

Our international network of offices, operations and laboratories enable us to offer our customers a full range of services around the globe, including quality control services and biomass analysis throughout the world, while being a single point of contact for all your questions, enquiries, and problems.

Biomass can be used to produce renewable electricity and thermal energy and is often used as a substitute to fossil fuels. Co-firing of biomass and fossil fuels (usually coal) is a low-cost approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving cost-efficiency, and reducing air pollutants in existing power plants.

Biofuels are a form of biomass which is converted directly into liquid fuel to help to meet transportation fuel needs. The two most common types of biofuel in use today are ethanol and biodiesel.

Albers-Hansen Denmark A/S provide inspection and testing services to verify the quantity and quality of a wide range of biomass such as woodchips, sawdust and wood pellets. Our global presence ensures we can offer a full range of cargo inspection services throughout the entire supply chain.
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