Molasses & Vegetable oils

At Albers Hansen Denmark A/S, we are experts in handling the vegetable oils and molasses you trade. We take steps to ensure that our services meet the highest delivery standards. Whether your goods are in bulk or liquid cargo containers, you are at the right address with Albers Hansen Denmark A/S.
Helping your business go further
We can help minimise risk throughout your entire supply chain. From intake surveys at countryside locations to full quality and quantity inspections at load- and/or discharge ports, our trained and experienced team can help your business.
Standing by
We understand your needs and are standing by to answer your questions about inspections, verifications, logistics and analytical services.
At Albers Hansen Denmark A/S we have a long history of supervising load and discharge operations of Molasses and its by-products.

From vessel supervisions at the countries of origin to discharge supervisions at the final destination, thousands of kilometres from origin of the molasses. Included in our scope of activities is draught survey’s, molasses inspection, barge gauging and performing stock checks to ensure the quantity of your commodities.

For quality purpose, we perform load compartment inspections of shore tanks, vessels and barges in any port of origin. Standard procedure for our surveyors is to perform dockside brix tests and hot water tests to prevent the eventual contamination with mineral oils.

We do our best to keep our clients closely updated on the process at all times, even when it's on the other side of the world. By combining our worldwide experience handling this commodity we are well equipped to provide you with full support from load port until the final destination.

Vegetable Oils
As well as molasses, we specialise in the transportation of vegetable oils.
We carry out a variety of activities to ensure the integrity of your commodity. We conduct vegetable oil inspections, weight & quantity determination, stock monitoring & measurement, government & institution services and load compartment inspections.
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