Laboratory services

We offer our customers flexible, market-driven laboratory services that analyse a wide range of products in the field of foodstuffs, animal feeds, compound feeds and (bio) fuels. We are not only highly experienced in chemical analysis, but also in microbiological analysis, real-time PCR and DNA analysis.
We are constantly looking to improve our services, and our laboratory was one of the first commercial laboratories to receive a STERLAB certification (currently known as ISO17025 certification).

Following changes in the market for foodstuffs and animal feeds that have increasingly raised the requirements for quality and food safety, we have developed into a high-tech laboratory for the safety and quality of foodstuffs and animal feeds. Our scientists can verify the nutritional value of your food products in terms of fats, proteins and starch.

We also analyse food to identify micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. In order to maintain food quality during shelf life, we can establish the aerobic and anaerobic plate count and whether any yeasts and moulds are present. Using organoleptic assessment, we can also test for foreign materials, damaged grain and poisonous seeds. Plus, our portfolio includes DNA analyses like PCR screening for GMO testing, allergen testing and baking performance parameters like Hagberg, Alveograph.

In addition, we have specialised in fossil fuels and biofuels by offering an extensive range of analyses for these. From basic chemical testing to complex contamination analyses or even classic microbiological methods, we can help sort out the good from the bad.

Our laboratories offer a wide range of analyses expertise in the field of contaminants and additives. This includes natural contaminants like mycotoxins, contamination that occurs during processing (PAH’s/dioxins, acrylamide, transfatty acids) and package mediated migration. Evaluation of pesticides and antibiotics completes our analysis portfolio. Our classic microbiological methods allow us to analyse plate count, yeasts and moulds to test for bacteria like salmonella, EHEC and E. Coli O157.  On the molecular level, we provide GMO-analyses and microbial analyses such as E. coli (STEC EHEC) and Salmonella typing by DNA micro-arrays.

We are committed to ensuring and improving the quality and safety of animal feeds, foodstuffs and fuels through innovation, state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff. 

In short, we are the laboratory for analysis and support for the quality and safety of food for humans and animals, as well as for the quality of biofuels.

Providing fast and reliable results underpinned by quality on all fronts is of central importance to us. Each customer must always be provided with the best analytical results and shortest lead times. We achieve this in part by continuously expanding our package of analyses with innovative, high-quality solutions. In this way, we aim to be the first choice for our customers.

Why choose us?
We are ISO17025 certified and accredited or approved by the following national and international organisations:
  • QS, animal feeds
  • QS, fruit and vegetables
  • GMP+
  • GlobalGAP
  • NEN

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